Saturday, September 3, 2011


Left SideI’m happy to report that my LEFT shoulder is about 90% well. Left shoulder you ask. I haven’t mentioned it but I hurt it early last month. It was one of those times that I was working on Eileen and compensating for my inept right hand when I overstrained my left shoulder. Actually, it felt and sounded like something tore. Okay, no big deal… just use my other arm until the shoulder heals, right? Well, no. The other arm happens to be my right arm which can do very little by itself.

Since the accident when I was ten years old I have been using, overusing, and abusing my left arm in compensation to my right. I’ve been able to tell the effects for several years now but it has not been anything significant until the recent shoulder injury. This injury showed just how much I depend on my left arm in everything from shampooing my hair to reaching for a glass of water. Those things have been a real challenge in the last several weeks.

So, I’ve been reminded that I not only have to watch out for my right arm, but I’m extra dependent upon my left arm.

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