Monday, September 5, 2011


It’s quite natural for us to seek forgiveness when we have really messed up. On both a spiritual and natural basis, we want to absolve ourselves of guilt feelings. Furthermore, if we can keep Downpours and Dripsothers from being hostile or upset with us, we prefer that too. At the very least, if we are heartily sorry, we want to rest in the forgiveness of God, regardless of how others may react to our misdeeds. So, how often is it that we do something which rises to the level of needing forgiveness from God and others?

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “It isn’t the downpour which erodes the rock; it’s the constant drip which does.” The same is true in life. It’s isn’t the big downpour of a wrong which erodes the strength of our soul, it’s the constant drip of the little things. Most of us don’t commit offenses on a regular basis which need overt forgiveness. Not only are we not murderers and such, but we also generally don’t truly wrong others. We don’t commit many downpours. Thus, that is what we judge ourselves by. But what about the constant drip of our negativity & poor attitude, criticisms & biting tongue, hardness & haughtiness, coveting & envy, and resentment & bitterness? What about the other things too that we partake in which are affronts against God’s righteousness that we know we should rid ourselves of?

While we might think that it’s only the big downpours which ought to drive us to our knees, in reality, it’s generally the constant drips which are inhibiting our relationship with God and others.

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