Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is getting crazy. Once again after coming back from the hospital, after my EKG, I am ailing. I tried to be careful what I touched while atLittle Bug the hospital and I tried to keep my hands away from my mouth. I washed my hands as soon as possible after I left. I first spent about 30 minutes in the admission’s waiting room trying not to breathe every time someone hacked, coughed, or sneezed. When I was taken to the cardiac waiting area there were several people waiting on family members who were spewing germs. I was glad when they called me back to the cardiac area. Although I touched the bike and such that I’m sure wasn’t cleaned between patients, at least I was in touch with heart patients and not infectious diseases patients. Nevertheless, I seem to have contracted a bit of a bug.

It’s strange because I’ve not had a cold or flu since I started taking Gleevec. Although I have a lowered resistance, the cold and flu must not know about it. However, I’m always picking up these little bugs from public places, especially medical facilities. I’m sure that if I spent more time around medical facilities that I’d either build an immunity to it or I’d get really sick. I don’t plan on increasing my time there so I hope to never know. Even when I’m at restaurants, I wipe my utensils off prior to using them and try to use a straw when drinking so as to not put my mouth where someone may have left some cooties!! Anyway…

Well, in a couple of days I’m going to check to see if my EKG results are in. I hope to have shaken this bug by then.

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