Monday, March 28, 2011


Two days ago, it was reported to be 98 degrees in McAllen, Texas. That reminded me of the Ray Vander Laan video series (Walking with God in the Desert) our family recently finished. I reminded our family that most deserts in life are man-made. In fact, I said, think of someone going through a desert-time in his life and you’ll see that it is likely man-made. Of course, there are many deserts like sickness, cancer, and death which aren’t always man-made. Even in those deserts though, much of the toughest terrain is created by our man-made attitude. People like Mother Teresa didn’t consider her life a desert, but a blessing. Having a righteous attitude is so important. The question remains though: Does God lead us into deserts? Absolutely. However, the more we seek God on our own and the more we acquiesce to the desires He has for us, then the less God needs to send us to the desert. Furthermore, even if God does lead us into the desert, our attitude is everything. In fact, many people go through deserts in their lives and don’t even seem to notice. To others, everything is a desert.

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