Thursday, March 3, 2011


I wish I was writing about Disney again but that ran its course…get it? Besides, I should tell you that I had a blood-work appointment Wednesday morning. I’ll see the oncologist, Dr. Tan, in two weeks. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to going to a cancer treatment facility. It just doesn’t seem to be for me. Yet, they always have my name on the appointment sheet and seem to be expecting me. They call my name and always do something to me without me making a request. I suppose it’s all real enough but I dislike it so much that I doubt I ever get used to it. Anyway, they took five vials of blood and sent me on my way. Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY dislike needles!! Anyway, they will be checking the activity of my cancer along with screens of the organs that the chemo drug, Gleevec, is hard on. I’m praying for continued great results. I noticed something different today at the clinic. First of all, the old battle ax wasn’t there. Instead, there were a couple of sweet smiling ladies who were very kind. I also noticed a new sign which read, “If you have been waiting for more than 20 minutes please tell the receptionist.” Wow!! Perhaps they hired an office manager or had enough complaints about the impersonal treatment the ancillary staff often gives. I didn’t recognize a single worker there. I wonder if they fired the entire lot of them. Nevertheless, as I wouldn’t want to judge them negatively with one visit, I’ll withhold judging them too favorably until my next visit!! So, the visit went as well as it could for what I was there for. I even got a loving and affirming text message from Eileen just before my appointment time. Now, with hope and prayer we await the results.

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