Saturday, March 12, 2011


Lindsay is in the stage where there is not a lot of negative to keeping her happy. Seeking to make her happy is made even more righteous because her only way to really communicate is by smiling, laughing, getting fidgety, fussy, or to cry. It’s her way of communicating whether she is hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change etc. Right now, Lindsay’s world mainly centers on what makes her happy and satisfied. We not only like the peace when she isn’t fussy, but we also enjoy seeing her happy. However, always seeking to make her happy and see her happy is a trap of sorts. Lindsay can’t go through life or even her childhood always seeking what makes her happy and avoiding that which makes her unhappy. Soon enough, what is right for her and what will make her turn out right will have to be the primary guide of our actions. Her happiness will be close behind but it will not be able to dominate her life. This can be a difficult transition for parents and child but it is essential. The focus must turn to what is Right and what will make her turn out right whether she, her parents, or grandparents like it or not. A life focused on what makes her happy will spoil her and eventually bring her a personality which is high maintenance, fussy, and often miserable to be around. Failure to make the early transition from what the baby wants to what is best for him/her in the long run is a common mistake. Without the transition, is it any wonder that a child goes through what we call the terrible twos and rebellious teens? In fact, this world is full of adults who still haven’t made the transition. Furthermore, always seeking what makes us happy is spiritually incompatible with God, for God decrees that we seek first to do what is righteous. Life is laid back for Lindsay right now; soon enough she’ll have to begin the transition.

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