Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I determined long ago that the many blessings I live under are not because of me for even by human terms I would be near the end of the line. However, I am blessed to be married to someone that certainly has to be towards the front of any heavenly line there is. So working to not take it for granted, I stay close to Eileen so that I can absorb many of the blessings that drip off of her!! One of our greatest blessings is our kids, and we were blessed again Sunday. We got word that our daughter-in-law and granddaughter were going to be able to visit us after all while our son is on a business trip to Orlando. They were going to come here last Thursday but they still had the remnants of their cold. With the symptoms gone, our daughter-in-law and Lindsay headed here after our son’s flight left. So they are here with us for the week. We are so blessed. Their presence is a wonderful energy and the resonance of a young baby laughing, cooing, and even crying in our house again is a beautiful sound.

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