Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Although Lindsay is only four months old (almost five), the various characteristics of her persona are showing. It’s interesting to observe her likes and dislikes. Although it’s easy to note what she naturally likes, especially with her rather quick smile, it’s fascinating to watch her display what she doesn’t like too- - - like the rice cereal her doctor wants her to eat!! As she grows she’ll develop a whole host of likes and dislikes. I suppose that is one way we all can be identified, by our likes and dislikes. We naturally migrate toward what we like and avoid what we dislike. Nevertheless, we often gain our character, ethos, and morality from doing what we don’t like. It’s our animalistic way to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It’s our spiritual integrity which makes us do the right thing whether we want to or not…whether it is pleasurable or not. Lindsay isn’t always a fan of being buckled in her car-seat. Likewise, we aren’t always a fan of the rules, boundaries, and limitations which being a spiritual being places on us. But just like Lindsay, the safest and right thing to do is to stay strapped in for the entire ride!!

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