Friday, March 11, 2011


A friend told me that being a grandparent would turn me into a very silly person. Well, I don’t know about that but I hope that you don’t think all these blog posts referencing Lindsay are silly. I think I could have a long series titled Lessons from Lindsay. A lot can be learned in just observing and being with a baby who isn’t old enough to develop any fears, hang-ups, prejudices, or hate. But it also shows us what exposure to this world does to us. In fact, we have to purposely become a new creation within this world to ascribe to character traits, morals, and ethics which differ from what this world would have us be. Lindsay’s innocence in this world gives off an energy that is refreshing. Although in a more sophisticated form, it’s a similar energy to Eileen’s. Maybe that is why there is such a beautiful harmony between Lindsay and Eileen. Anyway, it’s easy to get so involved in the living of life that we forget about life’s powerful simpler and more innocent graces. From the way that Lindsay sleeps to the way she interacts, there is a simplicity that is both refreshing and inspiring. It’s good for us to take time to look at the simpler dynamics of life whether it is a flower, animal, or baby. For now, I’ll continue learning my Lessons from Lindsay.

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