Wednesday, March 2, 2011


After the Disney Half Marathon, we took a bus back to the hotel. We had just enough time to pack up and leave before check-out time. We then went out to eat. Both girls had Icy Hot bands placed on various parts of their bodies. After eating, we got gas and then we headed for home and our oldest daughter headed for the Mayport Navy Lodge which is on her way home. She had Monday off and so she had arranged to drive a few hours before stopping for the day. This was her second half marathon and knew how much it would take out of her. She didn’t want to drive the whole way home afterwards. I called her Monday morning to check on her. She was at the beach reading a newspaper and eating breakfast. She was feeling fairly good. On the other hand, our younger daughter was quite sore and stiff after the long car ride all the way back home. She took a hot bath but didn’t stay in it too long; she was afraid she may not be able to get out by herself!! Monday morning she was really stiff; she walked like Frankenstein!! She went to school barely able to bend her knee and hip joints. Getting into the car she kind of bent a little and just plopped down!! Last week before the race our oldest daughter asked if she could purchase a massage for her sister for Monday after the race. We agreed. So our youngest got a massage after school and our older daughter got a massage after she got back home. Both daughters are glad they ran the 13.1 mile race but our youngest daughter might more fully contemplate the next time her sister invites her to join her in an event!! Although I drove to Orlando, Eileen drove most of the way home. I was zonked out. I usually do most of the driving on trips so she can catch up on her sleep and be well rested for our visits, especially with her family. After an action packed weekend with less than desirable amounts of sleep, my fuel tank was empty. It was great that Eileen once again picked up the slack and slacker!! By the way, our youngest daughter responded well to the massage and was walking nearly normal on Tuesday!!

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