Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had a great report from the oncologist. My cancer tests still show cytogenetic remission; thank God!! I return to see Dr. Tan in six months.

Prior to Dr. Tan coming into the examination room, the nurse checked my blood pressure. It was a little elevated, which I could have told them it would be!! If they were in my shoes theirs might be a little elevated too!! However, neither the doctor nor nurse said anything further about it. My other blood tests showed eight items out of their normal range. Chief among them was my red blood cell count, hemoglobin, and white blood cell count. They are lower than normal and lower than in the recent past but still within tolerable levels considering that I take Gleevec. So, I’m more anemic and have fewer infection fighters circulating in my bloodstream. I suppose that explains some of my fatigue and tendency towards getting infected. And yes, I washed my hands after leaving the doctor’s office; I feel like taking a shower and burning my clothes too!!

The office staff was great as they were polite, efficient, and wore smiles. All of the old staff is gone and the new staff has an attitude one would expect in a healthcare facility. In fact, the facility felt like a place for health rather than a place inherently embedded with sickness and disease.

I asked Dr. Tan about the medicine the insurance nurse talked to me about. He said it was fine to take while on Gleevec. Finally, thank you for the many prayers and well wishes you’ve extended to me and our family. We are deeply touched and appreciative.

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