Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Japanese double tragedy of an earthquake and tsunami is horrendous. It’s one thing to be hit with one disaster but to be hit with two is appalling. With their nuclear power plants being compromised, it is a tragedy that may not be finished giving. As with many natural disasters, the questions are intensely being asked: “Is God trying to get our attention?” “Are these the birth pangs of the Last Days?” Well, my belief is that God is always trying to get our attention. I’m not so sure that God ordered this disaster in Japan. In fact, I seriously doubt that He did. Nevertheless, disasters always drive people to their knees. One thing is for certain though. In these recent times, nature has been in an onerous expressive mode beyond what man can cause or control. We have once again witnessed the fury which nature can unleash. Meanwhile God has chosen not to intervene or stop it. He let nature’s sequence continue its course. So, are we witnessing the beginning of the End Times? I wouldn’t count it out but otherwise I have no idea. One thing seems for certain: It’s a good time to keep oil in the lantern, a watchful eye, and God in our heart. Only a prayerful and obedient people has ever caused God to change the world’s natural progression.

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