Saturday, March 5, 2011


The article began, “A basketball star in Michigan dies just moments after hitting a winning shot in a big game.” Perhaps you heard the story; it’s a real tragedy. So as to not have my ensuing comments misunderstood, let me repeat that it is indeed a real tragedy that this 14 year old died; my heart goes out to the parents and family. Okay. But this really shows what we do with athletes, movie stars, and such. There are 14 year olds who die unexpected tragic deaths everyday yet we don’t even notice… unless it’s a child star of some sort. It reminds me of the 9-11 firemen and police who also tragically died. They became the heroes that they are and their families received millions of dollars in donations and compensation. Yet, I don’t see how it is any more tragic than military personnel who lose their lives fighting in combat action or even in a non combat activity. While they make constant sacrifices, risk death, and sustain catastrophic injuries, their families don’t receive million dollar payouts. As we should, we reserve a special place for those who risk or lay down their lives in service of others. We should remember though that the loss of a truck driver in an accident on the interstate is just as tragic to the affected family too. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I understand why the deaths of athletes or movie stars are so sensationalized. As far as that goes, why is there so much news about athletes and movie stars all over the TV and radio? Why is Charlie Sheen all over my TV? I suppose from the beginning of time we have to have our idols. Heck, we even have a show called American Idol. We love having idols. If there aren’t any idols, we make them… God has never been enough.

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