Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Weather

I hope the weather was as beautiful wherever you are as it was here today (Thursday). Today I helped a friend build a double fence gate. Okay…I did a lot of watching and helped a bit here and there. Although he did all the heavy labor and I was marginal help, it was enjoyable being outside in the sunshine. In fact, I got a little sunburn on my face…and on the places on my scalp where my hair is thin. Yes, indeed, I’m supposed to avoid the sun but I had no idea the sun was that hot today. I was comfortable in my long sleeve shirt and pants so I didn’t even think of the sun. Anyway, we got the gate finished except for a few minor finishing touches; it turned out great. I am quite tired and I think I’ll sleep quite well tonight. I didn’t take a nap today but I’ll hopefully recover quickly anyway. I think the weather is supposed to continue to be nice over the weekend and I hope to enjoy it, with an eye on the sun. After a long and cold winter, my arm and I are more than ready for warmer weather.

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