Friday, February 4, 2011

"Let My People Go"

So, what are you thinking about the chaos in Egypt and throughout the Middle East? Do you care?! It seems to me that we like to meddle in a lot of people’s business when we really can’t control the outcome. How many times have we encouraged the deposing of one ruler to only be saddled with one who is a zillion times worse? Similarly, how many millions of tons of food do we ship overseas to only have it siphoned off by the despots of the world? There’s a lot of evil out there that we pretend isn’t there. Taking someone out who is a mass murderer or us helping a fledgling democracy is one thing, but trying to institute our form of government in a place where the people don’t have the stomach to undergo what it takes to deliver it is quite another. I understand that suppressed people want change but they have to have the stomach to see righteous change all the way through. Just wanting change for the sake of change is not an intelligent basis for action. Change is not naked; it is dressed with…well…CHANGES!! But it doesn’t mean that those changes will be good, righteous, or desirable. Look at all the negative changes in this country borne of the political mantra “change”. Anyway, right now, our country is supporting the overthrow of Egypt’s Mubarak. Especially if we are going to end up with the Muslim Brotherhood in his stead, we might want to be a bit more careful about whom we are throwing our support behind. Mubarak is no saint but we are likely to end up with someone much more sinister in his place. Do we ever learn?

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