Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney's Half Marathon

We made a weekend trip down to Orlando to Disney’s Princess Half Marathon over the weekend. Our two daughters joined together to run the thirteen (13.1) mile race. There was a minimum time limit that each mile had to be completed or they removed the runner from the race. I’m glad to say that both daughters stayed ahead of the time barrier for the entire thirteen miles. Our oldest daughter finished in the top 14 percent and our youngest finished in the top 68 percent of 17,000 runners. Yes, that is not a typo; that is 17,000 runners. The race took the runners through Disney World, the Castle, Downtown Disney, and Epcot. The crowd watching the runners was very large; there must have been thousands of them too. Anyway, we had a great time; our runners are a bit sore; and we’re very proud of their accomplishment. It’s quite a mental and physical feat to complete a thirteen mile race and I’m sure its memory will sustain them in other ventures in life which require perseverance.

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