Thursday, February 3, 2011


I met with a person yesterday morning who said, as I was leaving, that I looked like I needed a nap. She was right!! Although I had only been up for a mere two hours, I was fighting the onset of a deepening fog. I had felt much better upon rising this (Wednesday) morning but it didn’t last too long. So I went home and took care of a few items before heading back to bed. I awoke a few hours later feeling better than I had in a couple of weeks. Three hours later, I’m going downhill again. I thought I’d better go ahead and write Thursday’s blog post before the fog settles too much more upon me. I’m not sure why I’m so out of it lately other than fighting off the remnants of what I contracted a couple of weeks ago. My mother got a skin infection in both of her feet and was barely able to walk. My sister had been taking her to the doctor but I was asked to take her one day for a different complaint. That led me to subsequently taking her to the hospital for an x-ray as well. Later that evening I developed a very sore throat and the glands in my neck were sore and swollen. My G.I. system was next. The next day I took Mom back to the doctor for her to get an intravenous antibiotic. As I waited in the waiting room, I glanced at the TV while also reading my Kindle. Then something caught my eye. I saw the doctor’s nameplate hanging on the wall with her specialty. It read Infectious Diseases. My countenance dropped. I was shocked. There I was sitting in an Infectious Diseases waiting room with people who had whatever. I’m sure they weren’t openly infectious but with my lowered immune system and new symptoms I felt very uncomfortable. I sat there trying not to touch anything further and trying not to take any more breaths than I needed to!! But, I fear the damage was already done the day before. I’ve not been the same since and I feel that I’m still trying to rally past its remaining effects. By the way, the next time I took Mom to the doctor I dropped her off at the front door and picked her up from the front door. I stayed in my car; I got wiser!! I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks and will consult him if I’m not completely well by then. In the meantime, I’m on a roller coaster ride of my life while also fighting the effects of my arm, travel, and Gleevec. Maybe some warm weather would cure a few things!! So much for that idea, we have more cold weather moving in. Anyone heading to the tropics?!

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