Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moral Authority Part I

We’ve all likely heard the saying, “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” Look at our world today; what are the good people doing? If we look at America as part of the good people, we are primarily appeasing evil. It seems that we are afraid to be viewed as a powerful nation, a people who stand for good. We seem to want the playing field to be the same for all countries regardless of how tyrannical they may be. We seem to have a complex about being powerful. Yet, it’s important that a moral authority figure have clout or power. This is true whether we’re talking about parents, teachers, police, the Church, a nation, or even God. There is no true authority, even moral authority, which doesn’t wield influence to one degree or another. The moral authority of this nation has long kept many despots in line... call it deterrence if you’d like. However, without righteous moral authority, evil prevails. Said another way, moral authority creates fear in adversaries. A lack of moral authority provokes them. Do we not see what happens when America reduces its profile around the world to being just one of the guys? Our perceived weakness is not a neutral energy. For many oppressors, weakness is an actual provocation; the perception of weakness of another stirs the evil within them into action. It seems that we are on an ideological path that believes no country should exercise moral authority upon or over others. While this sounds sweet and nice, it is saying that we believe no country should exercise goodness over others…which takes us right back to where we started: “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.”

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