Saturday, February 19, 2011

In The Game

EA Sports has the slogan: “Get in the Game.” Many prominent speakers, as a useful metaphor, have described life as a game with us being the players. Well, okay; I can work with that. After all, humans are very competitive and everyone loves a winner. But in this game of life, who sets the rules? Well, as I’ve been describing in these recent blogs, more and more we are setting the rules. We are deciding what is right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, and acceptable and unacceptable. What do we base it on? We base it on our own subjective feelings of fair-play, tolerance, and what appears to give peace. But there is a problem with that isn’t there? God is the maker of the game and it is by His righteous rules that we are to play. If He says we have to go to the End Zone to score, it really doesn’t matter than in our politically correct perspective we say that a person only has to get to the forty yard line. Our score tabulations which mock God’s own scores won’t stand the test of time. God is not mocked and He will win. For us to win we must submit our ways (rules) to God’s. In other words, we must play according to His rules; it’s His game. We can’t play our own little game with our own little rules and then turn in our own silly little score card at the end. That will only serve to get us tossed out. We need to just put away our own desire to be in charge. Instead, we need to just “Get in the Game.”

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