Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Consternation (Part II of VI)

What on earth defines a Christian these days? Well, most will say that a Christian is someone who believes in Christ. Simple enough, but what does that mean? After all, satan believes in the existence of Christ too, but he’s not a Christian, is he? It seems that we ultimately define a Christian not just by what we claim we believe, but also by how we live. However, if we are to obtain our definition of a Christian by mere observance, we’d conclude that Christians get drunk, get stoned, and are foul mouthed, crude, unfaithful, homosexual, divorced, living together, do pornography, and compromise (whitewash) God’s word just like non-Christians. It seems that as long as we say that we believe in Christ that we can believe, or not believe, whatever we want and behave however we want. Observationally, as a whole, there seems to be little difference in the behavior between Christians and non-Christians. Both Christians and non-Christians have very positive attributes too. So, I ask again, what on earth defines a Christian these days? It might just be that what really defines a Christian is something we really don’t want to talk about. For if we did, we might find that there really aren’t as many Christians as we think.

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