Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Physical labor is one of the best ways to release negative energy which builds in us. The labor can be physical work, running, exertional walking, yard work, or a sports activity. The key is to do something which allows our negative energy to be released. We can call this negative energy, stress. There are other forms of stress besides the stress of daily living. There’s the negative energy of resentment, hurt feelings, betrayal, feelings of abandonment, and such which can build over years. Sometimes these require a different outlet. For those types of stress, I suggest journaling. Journaling is writing an account of what we are thinking or feeling about an issue while being brutally honest, but not having to worry about hurting someone’s feelings, seeming too dramatic, or sharing our innermost feelings, concerns, and fears. Journaling allows us to methodically purge the negativity right out of us onto the paper or word processor. It even allows us to find Divine truths, a Divine ear, fresh perspectives, and healing. Ever since my arm accident, I have journaled. As a ten-year-old, they started as “Dear God” letters. Sometimes I still write them that way but most often I just write what’s on my mind…sort of like the blog but in a much more personal and detailed account. Journaling is a great way to disperse the negative energy which we face each day or which has lingered in us for years.

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