Thursday, February 24, 2011


I realize that I am relatively young; my kids would say that I’m relatively old!! Either way, I’ve only seen America in the last handful of decades. Even so, there is an unprecedented divide in our country. I hear about it on TV, radio, and in casual conversation. The whole world seems to be in a state of great division. In America, the overwhelming consensus is that we can’t keep being divided like this. Something has to give. But, what is it that is going to give? How do we close the divide? Well, I don’t like what I’m hearing as a solution. Really, are we supposed to stop resisting the “change” which is sweeping this nation? Are those who believe in the fundamentals that this nation was built on supposed to abandon them? Are those who believe in the Judeo-Christian tenets of this nation supposed to adopt a more civil position? Are those who believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage supposed to abandon those values? Are those who believe in protecting the unborn supposed to align with abortionists? For those who don’t want God taken out of the pledge, public grounds, and our lives supposed to wink-and-nod to those who are determined to make it happen? Just what are we on this side of the equation supposed to do to heal this great divide, besides forgo everything this country has Divinely stood for? Maybe the answer should be that those who are so bent on change should back off and leave us alone. Maybe they should quit trying to remake this country into the mirror image of Europe or the Middle East. Maybe God, family, honor, and character should be the standard of this nation once again. But here is the heart of my position: Mixing bad with good always makes the good more bad. Did you get that? Mixing light color with dark color always makes less light color. Mixing good with evil always makes the good less good. We can’t stand on the side of righteousness and open the door to evil…all in the name of “peace, peace,” civility, and lessening the great divide, and then say: “All is good.” The untold truth is, in reality, one side is going to win and one side is going to lose. The great divide swallows those who are in the middle; the middle is “lukewarm” and is only suitable for being spewed out. The question is are you going to stand your ground, try to live in the middle, or leap to the “progressive” side so that there can be civility, harmony, no divide, and we all can hold hands and sing Kumbaya? Finally, in the end, will you be found to have been a “good and faithful servant” or will you have burned all the oil in your lamp? Indeed, there is a great divide; which side of it will the Lord find you on?

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