Monday, February 14, 2011


Some wonder if I am ever concerned about the people that I might offend with my writings, as with the last series I wrote. Well, yes, I’m always concerned about offending people. I don’t want to offend a single soul. However, I can’t control that. If everyone would agree with what I write, then no one would be offended!! Seriously though, I very carefully and diligently write what I feel has been stirred in me to write. I very much acknowledge that truth is a very powerful and convicting energy when spoken to a vulnerable part of the heart. It is so powerful that when it comes against vulnerable beliefs, attitudes, and ways of life that the reaction can be intense. It can cause people to be offended, angry, or even kill, as was done to countless prophets and even to Jesus…just for merely speaking the truth. Yes, indeed, truth is a very powerful energy when it encounters a vulnerable part of the heart. On the other hand, if I wrote that all people’s hair was green, no-one would be offended. You would think I’m crazy but truth’s energy wouldn’t be there to offend. If I said all people are human, then truth is there but it’s not speaking to a vulnerability, unless you fear you are not entirely human!! In that case, my comments might offend you!! The bottom line is that if truth wasn’t speaking to a vulnerability in what I write, it wouldn’t offend or stir. Nevertheless, I don’t write to offend anyone. I write to be obedient to what is inside me. By the way, our fear of being offensive is often a passive way of “whitewashing” God’s truth and allowing those with ominous agendas to overcome God’s good and faithful people. In all frankness, I’ve not written anything that we shouldn’t be hearing regularly in our churches. But that’s another topic. Anyway, a friend suggested that if someone lynches me for what I have written that at least it will cure my leukemia!!

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