Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Righteous Legacy

Our son, his wife, and daughter (Lindsay) are in Arizona visiting our son’s wife’s sister’s family. Did you get that? The trip out there went very well considering that Lindsay is four months old. They’ve been having a great time and they sent us a video download of Lindsay and her young cousins. I didn’t know a four month old could laugh so much! I might be a little partial but I think it is priceless. Today (Tuesday) they took a four and a half hour trip to visit the place where my father is buried in Arizona. Our son was six years old when my father died. Anyway, I think the cemetery visit was a moving experience for them as they prayed there, laid flowers, and pulled the few weeds that were there. It honors me that they made the effort to visit the grave site. With this leukemia business I have, and the guarded prognosis of my particular strain of it, I have thought about whether there is something I’d like to do before I die…hopefully a long time from now. The one thing I come up with is that I’d like to go out to Arizona and visit my father’s grave site again. Like many of you, I’m blessed to have had a wonderful father. It’s amazing that after nearly 23 years since his death, I still miss him and wish he could know our kids as they are growing up. Yet, that isn’t reality so I only visit those thoughts and I’m careful not to dwell on them. Nevertheless, we each have a legacy that we will leave for our families and friends. I hope we don’t just show up for life and leave our legacy in the world’s hands. I hope it is with purposeful intent that we choose a righteous path.

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