Monday, February 7, 2011

Bug Out

It seems my bug has released its hold on me. I stayed caged up in the house on Friday and Saturday not even venturing outside to get the mail. Then after a nap it seemed that the bug was gone...hopefully for good. Actually, I woke up with my arm feeling better too. As a matter of fact, I felt better for most of this weekend than I have in several months!! It was beautiful outside on Sunday and so I went out and worked in the yard for a little while before aggravating my arm and thus retreating back to the house. I got a call to go to a Super Bowl party which I eagerly accepted; it was going to be good to fly the coup. However, after reflecting on the number of people there would be in close quarters, I cancelled. I better not push it too much just yet!! It's great to be feeling better though; I am thankful.

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