Sunday, February 13, 2011

“As The World Giveth” (Part VI of VI)

So, we as a people and we as a government have largely relieved God of His role to adjudicate life and rule over His people. Now in our melting pot of thoughts and ideas, we have truly become a self-determined people. We are largely our own gods. Our Judeo-Christian heritage has taken a back seat to what is determined to be the good of all parties to be considered. God’s laws and decrees have taken a back seat too. For example…hold on, you may not like me saying this…God says that He hates divorce but we divorce or annul every other marriage. Many in the clergy are divorced too. Homosexuality is an abomination to God but we are extending all sorts of rights to them. We even have homosexual marriage on the move and homosexuals in our clergy. Adultery and pornography is killing minds, families, and relationships. Yet more and more people are hooked every day. We are becoming so lost in our way that staggering increases are being seen in the number of Americans being treated for mental ailments whether it is depression, stress, anxiety, or something else. The list of self-induced problems, which are against God, goes on and on in the name of tolerance, non-judgmentalism, political correctness, fair-play, love, and “peace, peace, when there is no peace.” Meanwhile, where are those who will one day want to be identified as “Christians” in all of this? Where is their voice? Too many are right in the thick of the problem, “whitewashing” our Lord’s decrees right alongside those who couldn’t care less: No real difference and no real obedient love. No wonder it’s hard to tell Christians from non-Christians in today’s actions, beliefs, and politics. In America’s short history we’ve become a great nation…a great Christian nation. Now, we are in danger of giving it away so that we can blend in with the world around us. And as the world giveth, we are certainly taking in all in.

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