Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, the after-effects of the night out to the parade have been better than I would have predicted. It had already been a bit of a toughWeekend Wrap several days and I thought I’d pay for the night air adventure although I felt warm most of the time. I’ve learned that even if I am warm enough that the cold atmosphere still has a kick of its own. So, today (Sunday), not only do I not feel the adverse affects from last night but I feel better than I have in the last several days. I’m not sure why but I’m thankful.

Lindsay and her parents went home today and will be back soon for the rest of the month. Our oldest daughter will get here at the end of this week. This is also the last week of school before Christmas break. Eileen will especially enjoy the break as she has had an extremely busy school year thus far.

Not only is she busy with teaching school, being the head of the math department, and committee work but she had an extra heavy load in her master’s classes. Eileen’s finals were last week and Eileen says this is the most relaxed she has been in a while. She has one more semester for her master’s degree. She doesn’t think these final classes will be as burdensome for her and I hope she is right.

This week begins several weeks of being very busy and full of family. It will be great and we are looking forward to it. I hope your holidays are filled with family and good cheer too!!

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