Thursday, December 8, 2011


As the weather turns colder and the holidays rapidly approach, I’mNeurologist Appointment quite uncertain how I’m going to take my pain medications. I could take them like I used to, minus the Lortab, but that leaves me too groggy much of the day. As you may recall, I already fight fatigue from Gleevec, my anti-nausea medications, and from anemia. Grogginess and fatigue make it hard to live the way that I think that I still can. Especially with all the kids home for Christmas, I want to be as energized as possible.

In what seems like a bold move to me, I canceled my neurologist appointment today. It was scheduled for December 27th. I say it’s bold because he is another outlet for very strong pain killers. Yet, that’s the very reason I cancelled. He prescribes drugs that are a lot stronger than I’m willing to take at this point. Well, it’s not that they are too strong; it’s that the side effects the neurologist is willing for me to endure are a lot more than I’m willing to endure. If it gets to the point that I’m willing to endure more, I can get the goods from my family doctor. One more thing…when I canceled the appointment, I had to leave a message on a machine. Although the neurologist is a nice guy and seems to know what he is doing, he too has poor office management. I’m tired of going to such impersonal places. I don’t expect them to sing “Happy Birthday” to me like the dentist’s office did, but they never seem to answer the phone; I always have to leave a message.

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