Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We all know that sexual harassment is not a good thing. In theGone too Far workplace, true sexual harassment can be an anguished nightmare. Nevertheless, did you hear about the two school kids who are facing sexual harassment charges?

The first child is nine years old. What was his offense? Well, “a substitute teacher overheard him tell another student a teacher was cute.” Therefore he was suspended for sexual harassment.

The second child is seven years old. He was being choked by a bully and so the kid kicked the bully in the groin. Now sexual harassment charges are being leveled at him.

Good causes are often hurt by taking that cause too far. Life thrives in balance and so do the measures we take to protect society. It seems that we have lost our balance and good sense in too many situations. The cause against true sexual harassment is hurt by frivolous cases like these. Once again, society’s guardians have gone too far.

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