Friday, December 16, 2011


The Bible teaches us, “Without vision the people perish.” [Prov. 29:18] In this case, vision refers to Divine guidance or prophecy. VisionCertainly without Divine guidance we would wander and be aimless like a ship without a rudder. Vision helps us see where we are and where we are headed.

Most of the aspects of our lives need vision too, not just our spiritual lives. We especially see its need in raising children. Too often parents coexist with their children while making corrections as they go. However, they’ve never really formed a vision of how they want their kids to turn out. It takes courage to be a parent and to make parental corrections of the children. With a well defined vision as a backdrop, the task becomes easier because the parents are working with a map of how they want their children to turn out, rather than just administering to the kids on a moment by moment or crisis bu crisis basis.

An artist has a vision of how he wants his painting to turn out before he makes the first stroke of his brush. Especially in parenting, a vision is necessary to really parent. Otherwise, we are merely co-existing with our children or babysitting them until they leave the nest. The world has a vision of how it wants to turn our children; we need a vision for our children so as to navigate this world safely and righteously.

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