Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Did you see the news video of the “Good Samaritans” who lifted aGood Samaritans vehicle off of a child in China? It was a great act by a group of bystanders but I’m not sure it was an act of “Good Samaritans.”

The Good Samaritan in the Bible was not just merely a bystander. He acted when others would not. Specifically, he acted when not even a priest and a Levite would act. Although Jews and Samaritans had nothing to do with one another, the Good Samaritan stopped and tended to the presumed Jewish man who had been robbed and beaten. Furthermore, he paid for his extended care. The Lord urges us to do likewise: To tend to those that others won’t tend to. That is a much bigger message than helping some unknown child or person.

It’s good to remember the full context of the Good Samaritan and to not be so quick to label commendable people as Good Samaritans. We would all help lift a car off a child or help one of our own race or religion. However, Christ’s message is to also help those we would not normally associate with or be inconvenienced to help. By the way, this is the same thing that Christ did for us. He is the ultimate Good Samaritan who comes and heals us no matter how unworthy we may be, heals our wounds, and then cares for us paying the debt for everything.

The bystanders in China did a very wonderful and highly commendable act. However, I’m not sure they rise to the standard of Good Samaritans.

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