Monday, December 19, 2011


It’s late Sunday afternoon when I’m writing this. It’s not been anWashington eventful day thus far. I spent most of the day, all but minutes in bed until mid afternoon. I just couldn’t wake up. I think the combination of the cold front, extra anti-nausea medication, and extra pain medication doped me up and out. That was a poor way to spend the first full day with our oldest daughter here. However, the women kept busy and probably didn’t even miss me!! Well, I’m awake now and the night is young!!

I really don’t have much for today but I wanted to make a comment about the new report of President Obama’s vacation. It is reported that his 17 day vacation will cost four million dollars. Couple that with the insider trading done by members of Congress; is it any wonder that there is a great disconnect between the ruling class of operatives in this country and the common folk? These Washington elites seem to live by a whole separate set of laws and rules. It’s amazing that they make laws and rules which govern us and hamper us but they also make sure they can operate their financial schemes without much impedance. Washington will soon be on vacation; that’s probably a good thing for us all.

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