Saturday, December 3, 2011


By the time we left the racetrack, the temperature had dipped into theRace Report upper thirties. No worries. I was “bundled” and ready. I would do my arm a little differently if I was going to do something like that again. I had too many clothes under my heavy neoprene arm sleeve. It made the sleeve too tight. With my arm already hurting before we even went out, all that pressure didn’t help any. When we got back to the car, I got out of it right away. As for the rest of the “bundle” effort, it worked great along with a thermos of hot drink. I think I enjoyed being outside in the elements and prevailing as much as I did the races. Although the races were filled with wrecks and went late into the night, I had a great time. We left the last race early. I let my other two companions know I was ready to leave when they were, and they were.

I didn’t feel so good Friday morning and spent most of the day in bed…but I’m sure it had nothing to do with being out in the cold last night!! In an hour (Friday evening), I’m going over to my brother’s house to process some deer meat. A friend gave me deer meat that he had recently packaged and frozen. I thawed it on Thursday and Eileen did all the preliminary work on it. Tonight we run it through the grinder and such.

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