Friday, December 9, 2011


There are some things that I just don’t get. Some of the environmentalDust policies of this nation rank among them. Thursday, the House approved legislation that prevents the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issuing new rules regulating farm dust. It may seem that the House has far more pressing issues to deal with but the EPA is notorious for issuing rules which devastate business and industry. Everyone wants a clean environment but a proper balance needs to be struck.

So who would oppose legislation that keeps the EPA from regulating farm dust? I mean, after all, the farmer plants in dirt!! Well, the bill was passed on a 268-150 vote. What?! 150 members of the House voted against the measure? They’re in favor of the EPA regulating farm dust? That seems weird to me but here is something even stranger: The Senate will likely not take up the measure as the Obama administration has already said it would veto the bill. So farmers, be prepared; the EPA may strike you again.

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