Sunday, December 4, 2011


The deer meat processing went real well. My brother has the rightMeat Processing gear to expedite the process and keep the labor light. We brought a couple of chuck roasts to his house that have overstayed their time in our freezer. Eileen and my brother cut the venison and the two roasts into chunked strips which were then put through the meat grinder on the coarse setting. Then all the meat was mixed together and run through again on a finer setting. My brother then put an attachment on the grinder that enabled us to fill packaging bags, a little over a pound per bag. In no time we were finished and on our way back home to put the meat in the freezer. We had spaghetti with the meat today; it was very good.

Although we don’t really like the taste of straight venison, we do like it if it is mixed with pork or beef. We only get a deer every couple of years. On the other hand, every year or so, we get part of a cow from one of Eileen’s brother’s and his wife. After it is processed, we bring it home in a very large cooler. That generally keeps us supplied in beef for a year or more.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway with a couple of friends. This is a nationally known race and features drivers from all over the country. It’s the last race of the season. The race will be in weather that is sunny with temperatures in the 70’s. I think I learned my lesson about the cold weather, regardless of how well I’m bundled. Although I’m feeling better now, I’ve not felt well since that night. Live and learn!!

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