Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I’m at my oncologist’s office this morning, Dr. Tan, getting my blood drawn. I’ll see Dr. Tan in two weeks. This blood test makes me a Lab Testslittle apprehensive as it indicates how my cancer is doing. I have no reason to suspect it has gotten any worse but I never suspected that I had leukemia in the first place either. One just never knows about these things. So, I’m apprehensive but confident.

This day also marks the anniversary of when I went through the window as a child. I’m not usually one for remembering anniversaries and such but I do remember my wedding anniversary and going through the window!! Perhaps no earthly things have had greater impacts on my life. Although this is the anniversary of a nasty accident for which I’m still paying for today, I also view it as a great blessing. It marks the time that I had a wonderful death experience while the struggle with my arm has taught me a lot in life. In fact, the lessons continue. Speaking of my arm, the neurologist’s office called and scheduled me in their first opening…October 26th.

Anyway, I find myself on the anniversary of my arm injury at a doctor’s office. I’d rather the office visit be for my arm, although my arm gives me more outward trouble than the cancer. It goes without saying that the pain won’t kill me but the cancer is sure trying!!

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