Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The United States is about to announce another 100 Foreign Aidmillion dollars in aid to Somalia. A top U.S. official said, “Hundreds of thousands of Somali children could die in East Africa's famine unless more help arrives.” I could write what happens to a country’s people when dictators run that country. However, I want to stick to the theme of our economy.

Whether you agree with most foreign aid or not, what will happen to that foreign aid if this country becomes insolvent? It’s not just the American economy that is at dire risk. The whole world and all the aid we give is at risk too. Just because we are the most generous nation to ever exist on this planet, don’t think our recipients are immune from our ineptitude. This has gotten so bad that even countries like China are lecturing us about our debt and its world effect.

Have you ever asked yourself how many countries will be extending us aid if we go off the deep end? There won’t be many. Not only that but if we can’t afford ourselves, who else can afford us?! Who then will step up and provide aid to the world in our stead? China? Russia? Iran?

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