Thursday, August 11, 2011


So, can you tell what has been on my mind lately? Well, these blog posts are much more than a discussion about the economy to me. Blog PostsI don’t want my blog to turn into political chatter. However, this is beyond politics. This is real life and a real life tragedy and hardship. This is looking at the problem squarely in the eye. I seek to write my blog about what is right and true, letting the political chips fall where they might. As I alluded to, this is beyond politics. This is about the lives of real people. Further, I continue to write about what is on my mind. In that regard, the plights of so many people who are unemployed and who have lost so much in the stock market are indeed on my mind. It’s one thing for such things to occur in the natural swings of the economy. It’s another thing when the problems are made by the lack of fiscal discipline and the purposeful government centered agenda of those we elect.

Look, a lot of Americans have been doing more than playing by the rules; they’ve gone the extra mile to be responsible in making sure they provide for their financial futures. Yet, through the undisciplined spending of those in Washington and a movement toward government centered economy, their nest eggs have been assaulted and evaporated. Again, they’ve played by the rules but the elected people in Washington have been poor stewards.

President Obama is seemingly impervious to the travails of the economy and the stock market. In fact, he dismisses the volatility of the stock market in most of his remarks and seems to think that it’s the rich who are in the stock market. But that’s not true. Factory workers, government workers, employees, firefighters, and people in general have invested in the stock market, which is investing in the business of America. Yet businesses are afraid of adding employees for the cost of ObamaCare; the rich aren’t buying for fear of taxes; banks are afraid to lend because of onerous Dodd-Frank regulations; and industry is afraid to expand because of carbon taxes and endless new regulations. It’s no wonder the free market economy is suffering. While business is screaming that the government is choking them and the jobs they produce, the government scoffs and keeps growing its own self. The fact that government continues to grow at a torrid pace while the free market stumbles is the design of a government centered economy.

I don’t know what topics the blog will render in the coming days but if these economic posts help increase the economic awareness and activity of those who read it, then it is well worth it. In the meantime, we need to stay strong; educate others; support & elect righteous people, and pray for this nation.

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