Friday, August 19, 2011


Our youngest daughter’s band had her Parent Preview DSC_0703Show last night. Our daughter is a drum major. They wore their summer uniforms and played part of their show. The whole band sounded good and I’m sure they’ll have a successful year.

Our older daughter arrived here yesterday. She is on the return leg of her trip which took her to Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, and she’ll be heading back home to South Carolina. While mountain climbing in North Carolina, she fell and sprained her ankle. It’s the same ankle that she severely sprained a couple of years ago. Although she is still hobbling on it, she says that her ankle is a lot better than it was last week when she did it. She does a lot of running and physical training but that will have to be on hold for a while. The ankle still doesn’t look too good as it has quite a bit of healing to do.

Today, our two daughters and younger son are going to ride jet skis out in the Sound side of the Gulf. I’m going to take pictures. If I’m not too old to jet ski, I’m too fragile!! First though, we went to the Navy Exchange on base at Pensacola Naval Air Station and then out to eat pizza for lunch. Meanwhile, Eileen is at work getting her math department and classroom ready for students on Monday.

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