Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I had my appointment with my family doctor yesterday morning. He was right on time and was in the room with me at my appointmentDoctor's Appointment time. I always appreciate that especially since I don’t like being in a doctor’s office where sick people are, considering my lowered immunity. My weight was up a little bit and my blood pressure was elevated. I need to get that blood pressure down because I think I’m testing his patience with it. He wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine years ago. My blood sugar was perfect but my cholesterol type test results were a little elevated. Everything else was fine.

There are new regulations for people on the type of narcotics I have. I had to read and sign a form with 17 narcotic related items. It was rather silly. Then, instead of the doctor seeing me in the regular six months, he has to see me in three months. I suppose there is nothing like the government practicing medicine for my doctor!!

My doctor wants me to see a neurologist for my arm again. He wants to see if there are any new drug protocols specific for my condition. The doctor’s office will call me when the appointment has been made.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who are “paving the way” with prayers for my daughter’s eye surgery. We appreciate it very much.

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