Sunday, August 21, 2011


Our older daughter left this morning to head back home.Coming Week We had a great visit. I will head to her place next Wednesday morning to help out when she has her PRK eye surgery. It’s like Lasik’s but a little more involved. Her procedure is on the 25th.

August 25th is also Eileen and my anniversary. Since I won’t be in town, we are going out tonight (Saturday) for dinner and festivities. I’ll be sure to take an arm sleeve.

On Monday, our daughter-in-law and Lindsay are coming to stay with us for the week while our son is on a business trip to Orlando. I’ll get to see them for a couple of days before heading to our daughter’s for her PRK surgery. Monday is also my family doctor appointment and the beginning of classes for Eileen, our younger son, and daughter.

Our younger son is studying computer engineering. After a summer of mowing yards, giving private baseball lessons, and being a big help around the house, he still has a little over a year to go in college. His engineering progress was greatly slowed by his baseball career. Since he took so many non-engineering classes during four baseball semesters, half his time there, he wonders if he is setting a Guinness Book of World Records record for the most credits without a degree!! I assured him there are a lot of people in his same situation.

Our youngest child, our younger daughter, has been very busy this summer. Besides working two weeks of Rookie Camp for the band and two weeks of Band Camp, she took Composition I, Composition II, and Business Calculus at the local junior college. It counts as dual enrollment for high school and college credit. Starting Monday she begins her senior year in high school. She’ll go to her high school part of the day and to college part of the day. At college, she’ll be taking two more dual enrollment classes. She’ll be taking Economics I and Accounting. She wants to be a Business Finance major. Depending how that goes will determine what she does in the spring. She wants to go to the college full time as a dual enrollment student. She thinks she has taken all the good classes in high school and doesn’t want to waste her time taking “do nothing” classes. I’m hesitant about her missing some of her high school experiences in the last semester but she says she’s “over that.” Eileen met with the counselor and vice principal. Indeed, there aren’t really any worthwhile classes for our daughter to choose from. We’ll see what this next semester brings and decide from there.

So, I’ll leave Wednesday morning for our daughter’s place and probably return on Sunday. We hope and have been praying that everything goes great with our daughter’s surgery and recovery.

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