Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In watching an episode of Ice Road Truckers, a driver made an interesting statement. He said, “You’ve got to embrace death before you can really live.” Although that may sound a bit morbid, it reallyTrucker Theology carries a lot of truth. It’s good to make peace with the fact that none of us escape this world alive; we all die. Being mindful that we are going to die allows us to not only live life to the fullest but it allows us to keep life in its proper perspective. One of the perspectives we should keep is the answer to the question of: What we are going to do after we die? Our reactionary answer may be that we are going to heaven. But are we really? Do we really believe that or is it just an ingrained response? Jesus says that we have to have a faith/love for God which rises to the level that it naturally produces obedience to God’s word. We may all have a desire to go to heaven but I’m not so sure we all have an obedient love. Rather than have an obedient love for God, we tend to live life according to what we personally want to be good and right.

The trucker also said that he thinks we ought to have our personal casket on our front porch. If we patted it as we left the house each day, we might live with a better perspective. He’s probably right in that we’d have a better perspective, and we might also think more about how we are going to spend eternity as we pat that casket.

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