Sunday, August 14, 2011


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting in Eileen’s high school classroom writing this blog post. She starts back to school on New School YearMonday while the kids come the following week. We came today to get the classroom ready. You may wonder what I’m doing writing if I came to help Eileen. Well, I’m glad you asked. The reason is simply that we’ve already moved all the desks, hooked up all the projectors and electronic media, and reoriented the classroom 90 degrees from the way Eileen has had it for the past several years. Now she is working on things that my contribution is just too many fingers in the process. It appears that the tasks which don’t require too many brain cells or too much brawn are complete!!

So, Monday will begin another year of Eileen teaching high school math. She will teach two honors geometry classes, three regular geometry classes, and one algebra class. Eileen puts her heart into everything she does and I suppose her students would have to look far and wide to find someone who cares as much as she does and who stands before them with as much character. She seeks to do a great job teaching all those students entrusted into her care.

I will miss not having Eileen home as much. We’ve enjoyed the summer together. Eileen will also reconvene her final year of classes for her master’s degree. This fall will be an extra heavy load for her while the spring will be a bit lighter, but the whole year will be busy.

I wish all teachers and students much success in this new school year.

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