Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I had a lab appointment this morning with my family doctor to get my annual blood test. It’s usually a quick process but I waited 45 minutes today. I get a creepy feeling sitting in a doctor’s office knowing that isBlood Test Day where sick people are. I only noticed one cough and one sneeze from people around me. After hearing each I tried to hold my breath until the germs had a chance to settle. I just hoped they didn’t settle on me. I didn’t touch any of the magazines or the arms of the chair. I was thankful when it was my turn. I’m not real fond of needles or people coming at me with them. This phlebotomist decided to use a vein which no one had ever used before. I’ve had a lot of blood draws and it usually doesn’t turn out well when a phlebotomist tries something new. However, this time it all went well. So, things went well at the clinic except that my throat got progressively sorer and my neck glands became swollen as the day progressed, but I felt better after a nap.

I left the clinic and headed to get my car tires balanced and rotated. I’ve put a lot of miles on them and the tire shop showed me that my tires were down past the tread bar. So, I spent the rest of the morning getting new tires.

Eileen started school today (Monday). She spent much of the day in meetings including one in which she was selected as the head of the math department by the other math teachers. There are 12 other math teachers in her school. It’s another thing to add to an already busy schedule for her but you know what they say, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person. They know how to get things done.” Eileen certainly knows how to get things done; I’m confident she’ll have another great year.

Anyway, this blood test was requested by my family doctor. My blood test for Dr. Tan, the oncologist, is on the 31st.

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