Friday, July 1, 2011


My type of leukemia is a rare type of cancer. It is even rarer in young people. However, one of our daughter’s friends has CML and is Updatingher age. His cancer went into remission but he had to take a reduced dosage because his muscle cramps were so bad. I can tell you from experience that they can get very fierce. Anyway, his cancer has now come back. We pray that his cancer gets back under control.

It’s a reminder to me that my variety of CML is supposed to come out of remission too. However, we hope and pray that it is a long time from now. We hope that it is so long from now that they develop a drug that can rapidly put it back into remission. I’m also reminded that I’m blessed to only have Gleevec symptoms to the degree that I do. Although some are fortunate enough to have negligible side effects, most people struggle with Gleevec. As for me, my battle has been a bit livelier than normal as of late. I’m not sure what I’ve done to set it off but Gleevec and I have been at odds with each other. It plays rough and has been playing rough enough that I’ll give it a little time to settle down before calling the oncologist to get it checked out. Otherwise, my next oncology appointment is in September. I see my family doctor in August.

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