Saturday, July 2, 2011


A friend wrote me recently about her doing some housecleaning. No, it wasn’t about dusting and vacuuming the house she lives in, it Housecleaningwas about cleaning the house that lives in her, the house God lives in: Her spiritual house. She wrote that she is searching all the rooms of her heart so as to deal with whatever she needs to. She didn’t want to sweep anything under the rug that may be holding her back.

A little spring/summer/fall/winter cleaning does wonders for our garage, attic, or house. It does wonders spiritually too. Too many times there are items of resentment or unforgiveness which have been swept under the rug. They create a lump or hard spot in our hearts. While some things ought to be sorted through before sweeping them out the door, many things are best to be blindly swept out. Just gotten rid of, shed it.

Shedding our lives of emotional /spiritual clutter is better than any other cleaning we could do. Similar to growing attached to some of the junk in our homes, we can grow attached to the junk in our emotional lives. We often become afraid to live without it, even though we know it muddles our psyche.

The great thing about emotional housecleaning is that we don’t have to wait for a particular time of the season. We can and should simply do it.

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