Friday, July 29, 2011


I’m not sure why my blog-idea well has been running a little low lately. Could it be that a tired mind is to blame? No, not tired because I do so much thinking!! but tired because I am tired. Eileen starts back toTiredness school in a couple of weeks; where has the summer gone? We have seemingly been on the go since she got out of school. It has been an extremely enjoyable summer filled with blessings and good times, but busy. Perhaps that is what makes it seem like it passes so quickly. Nevertheless, the pace of it all lends to some weariness.

One problem that seems to get to me is that I don’t give my tiredness its due. I’m like a little kid sometimes in that I’ll do whatever I can to avoid taking a nap, no matter how tired I am. Especially with Eileen home for the summer and our two resident kids home more than they will be once school starts, I don’t like to miss the opportunities to interact with them. Moreover, even when I take a nap I am still tired.

Sleeping can be a nasty habit when we have a chronic illness or get older. Sleep can become such a welcome respite from the happenings of life that we look forward to sleep more than we do living life. I’ve seen it many, many times. There are days that I have slept all but a few hours. Even then it gets hard to climb out of bed. Granted, it’s usually after a long trip where I’ve pushed myself way beyond norms or my arm is crazier than usual, but the strong luring call of the bed is a little scary. The call of the bed will rob us of living life if we give it half a chance. I choose to maintain a good balance but error on the side of keep going.

I await my next blood tests to see how anemic I am these days. I’m quite sure that the drain of the Gleevec battle and anemia are at the root of my tiredness; the busy pace just adds to it. I have an evening appointment today so I will definitely take a nap so that I can be my sharpest. If I can get a blog idea to push through the fog of my tiredness, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!!

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