Monday, July 4, 2011


Writing a daily blog is not always so easy. Today, Lindsay is helping me!! So, what does Lindsay have to say to us today? Hmmm, let me do a little mind melding with her. Lindsay wants us to know that she really loves her grandpa and is happy to help him with his blogBlogging post.

First of all, Lindsay says that she enjoys being a little baby and she really likes all the attention she gets from us. But being a baby isn’t as easy as some think it is. Most of all there is the communication gap. She knows what she wants but sometimes gets frustrated that no-one speaks baby talk; no-one understands her grunts, chants, squeals, and other noises. She only cries as a last resort. It seems to be the thing that gets action. Lindsay insists that her wants and needs are very basic and shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Furthermore, she doesn’t understand why we don’t let her play with electrical cords, knick-knacks, and items that break easy. Lindsay says that she just wants to learn about them and she assures us that she will be very careful. She readily admits that her dexterity isn’t what it will be but a little breakage is part of learning. Lindsay also has a lot to say about diaper changes. She acknowledges that she needs to use diapers but she wants a more dignified way to be changed rather than be flopped on her back. Another thing is that Lindsay wants to go to sleep when she is ready, not when others think it’s time. She has no appointments to keep the next day and doesn’t mind staying up late. Lindsay does like the way her grandma puts her to sleep however.

Finally, Lindsay appreciates you reading her first blog!

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