Monday, July 25, 2011


We returned from our quick trip to Illinois in which we pushed right along getting up there and back. We encountered a lot of construction zones while northbound and southbound, but only a couple of themBack Home had any evidence of construction. The construction zones were all cleared out except for the slower construction speed limit signs. It seemed that most of the drivers ignored the signs and continued speeding by. I assume they are familiar with the area and knew that the zones were void of any construction. I hope that is the case; it would be bad if people are ignoring construction speed limits because so many of the zones are vacant.

We enjoyed our visit with Eileen’s family. Eileen has nine siblings and we were able to see them all despite their busy schedules. Everyone coming over to Eileen’s mother’s (Eunice) house on Saturday made it quite convenient and we appreciate the fact that these gatherings are done each time we go up there. It might seem that it would be crowded in the house with that many families and family members congregated. It doesn’t ever seem like it though. Even though Eunice has a nice sized house, there are people everywhere when the ten siblings along with their kids and grandkids get together. Even so, it never feels crowded and we always thoroughly enjoy visiting everyone. Eileen has a wonderful family.

The down side to our visit is that Eileen’s mother, Eunice, has been having some health challenges. It’s wearisome to realize that there really isn’t anything we can do except hope and pray she recovers fully and as speedily as possible. At 85 years old, bouncing back is proving to be an intricate challenge for her. We’d appreciate your prayers for her.

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