Friday, July 8, 2011


The Entertainment Weekly headline reads, “Casey Anthony Verdict Gives Nancy Grace Her Best Ratings Ever.” She’s not alone. Nearly all news commentators have received big bumps in their ratings Profiteeringsince the Casey Anthony verdict was reached. I’m not talking about pure news broadcasts. I’m addressing the political pundits/commentators. From Nancy Grace to Bill O’Reilly, these political pundits have benefited from what is regarded as an unexpected verdict. Let me put it in a very crude manner. The pundits are paid based on their ratings and so these pundits are making money off of the death of Caylee Anthony. Why do I put it so crudely? These pundits are the same people complaining that Casey Anthony may get a big payday for her story…“making money off the death of her child.”

I have news for the pundits. Not only are the pundits making more than Casey will ever make off the death of her child, parents write books all the time about the misfortunes that befall their children and families. The bookshelves are full of such stories and documentaries. Some even get their own T.V. show like America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh. Even others write blogs and books about their cancer!! I guess it could be said they profit off their cancer. All these Profiteering IIpeople have one thing in common. They only profit if people want to know what they have to say. In fact, Casey Anthony’s defense attorney (Jose Baez) has hired a New York agent. To be crude and totally unfair, Jose Baez will become a very wealthy man because Caylee Anthony died. He’s going to profit not only from book and media deals, but he will be one of the most desired defense attorneys in the country. Anyway, before these self-righteous pundits complain too much about Casey Anthony “making money off the death of her child,” they need to look around after first looking in the mirror.

There is one group of people who should not profit from this whole ordeal. That is the jury. Juries don’t need to be thinking that a controversial verdict will land them lucrative media deals.

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